Digital radio is here
The Digital Radio revolution is here!

  • Greater coverage area than any other radio system
  • Secure communications, digital voice encryption
  • Digital radio
  • Vocoder
  • Paging Call
  • Status messaging
  • Remote Stun
  • Short & Long Text Messaging
  • GPS location with Voice
  • VGS-1 Voice Guide/Storage Option*

NX200 VHF  NX300 UHF

Nexedge with Keypad

Nexedge with Kenwood Keypad system.
10-8, 10-6 etc right from your keypad.  Receive Pages on face of radio.
Why look for data systems from fly by night companies when Kenwood
provides it all right in your radio.

Data ready radio 
DB-25 Com Port for data connection.

Message received- in seconds!!


 VHF NEXEDGE Repeater System

Nexedge Repeater

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